About us

Take an obsession for anything Tim Burton (but especially his fashion masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland!) a passion for colour & a deep love for our natural world and you have The Little Victorian Art Studio!

What do we Do?

The Tale of The Little Victorian Art Studio
When we moved to a little village in Suffolk and left the bustle of life in London, everything changed! I unleashed my creative side and began to create pieces that I couldn't find in the shops! Friends - and friends of friends - began placing orders and soon I was able to indulge in flights of fantasy on a daily basis and founded The Little Victorian Art Studio! Here you will find swathes of colour, florals, fairies & feathers galore & stories stuffed into every nook! Have a wander around and don't forget to check out our Living Colourfully section if you'd like to inject a little Wonderland into your life! Deb xx